Welcome to Jones Bones Dog Treats (as seen on HGTV’s HomeTown)

Hey, there! My name’s Rena Register, and you may have seen me recently on HGTV’s Home Town!

I’m the developer of Jones Bones Dog Treats, and I’m a native of Laurel, Mississippi.
Jones Bones Dog Treats can currently be found in local stores, and in the near future, we’re looking to expand nationwide.

With this website, we’re expanding to all corners of the world with online sales!

My genuine love for dogs led me to begin my pet-sitting business in my hometown of Laurel and Jones County. My experience dealing with dogs (both my own and others’ like Erin and Ben’s) revealed a great need for an irrefutable, all-natural dog treat that every dog would love. 

I tried all kinds of store-bought treats before I finally decided to create my own dog treats from my kitchen. My clients’ dogs loved them! My clients loved them, and before long I was busy making my dog treats for many people. Out of the necessity of a great tasting, healthy, handmade dog treat, Jones Bones Dog Treats was created.

I hope you liked our story on HGTV’s Home Town, but I hope your pet loves my dog treats even more!

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