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Well, it depends on who you ask. My best Friend Nikki says she came up with the idea of the House and Pet Sitting Service, but I beg to differ. My House and Pet Sitting Service started out of my desire to become debt free. I knew I needed a second income to make that happen, so I married my love of pets to the need that our town had for a Pet Sitting service and hence, Rena’s House and Pet sitting service was born. I first started with close friends and family as a trial run and once I worked out all the kinks the business boomed. With a few clicks and shares from a social media page that I created and a flyer that told about by services, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing from folks needing pet care. I love that business so much. I have the most amazing clients and the best hometown fur babies around. 

I love my House and Pet Sitting Business so much. It daily brings a GREAT amount of joy to my life as I get to care for the most amazing fur babies this town has to offer. I also love the relationships that I’ve built with my clients too. Many of them have adopted me into their family and even become very close friends. I love the warmth that each house brings that visit daily and then the bonus is being greeted by a fur baby. Many of the houses that I visit are the beautiful historic homes of Laurel. I often think to myself, “If these walls could talk… I’d listen”. I love the history and the unique beauty that each one holds. And as the Hometown Pet Sitter, I want my people to know that I give careful attention to both their home and their pets. I provide each with exceptional care and give clients peace of mind while they are away. Our town can rest soundly knowing that their home is in good care and that their pets are comfortable in their own environment. I’m thankful daily for this business and its success.  

Jones Bones started with my need to create and do something new. I became excited about what was happening in our home town (Laurel, MS) and saw small businesses popping up all around.

I wanted to be a part of that!

After attending a business conference in California that encouraged entrepreneurs to dream big and launch their ideas, my dreams expanded.

I was already running a dog-sitting business, but, I couldn’t find a healthy, delicious dog treat I (or my dogs) were satisfied with. So, I started to make the change I wanted in the world… I went into my kitchen creating high-quality dog treats from locally sourced spent barley from our Home Town’s micro-brewery.

And, thus, Jones Bones was born.

After the fire was lit within me, I started researching (and I’m still learning) how to start a Pet Treat Business. I discovered there were many steps I had to walk through as I moved forward in the process.

  • My treats had to be tested for proper labeling.
  • I had to obtain several licenses from the State of Mississippi
  • I had to confirm the quality of my dog treats before I began marketing them to local resellers

Once I was set up to sell both in retail and wholesale with my treats, that journey was underway. My determination and will power to figure things out propelled me to keep moving forward until my product was complete and sitting on the shelves of local stores and veterinarian clinics to be sold to our community.

And, now, with God’s blessings and Ben and Erin Napier‘s kindness toward me in the HGTV Home Town episode “Little Houses,” the world is learning about my handcrafted, artisanal pet treats, including you!

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