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Q: Why is it important for you to have these businesses here in Laurel in relation to the community? 

I think my answer is similar to what I’ve already said. I saw a need in our town and I met it. 

Q: Why is Entrepreneurism important to you?

It’s given me freedom from debt and it allows me to create my own schedule 

Q: What is it like starting these businesses?

It was a lot of work, honestly, but exciting and fun!

Q: What motivated you to start them?

I think I’ve already answered this…See answer to how did your small business begin

Q: What was it like to create Jones Bones? 

Creating Jones Bones certainly came with its own set of challenges, but that’s what pushed me to keep moving forward until I figured it out.  It’s exciting to think that I was actually able to create and produce a product. When I walk into a local store and see my dog treat sitting on the shelf, I still find it hard to believe that I’m the founder and creator of a product and a business. 

Q: Do you prepare them in your home? How?

Jones Bones are created in my home. Mississippi does not require Dog Treats to be made in a commercial Kitchen, for which I am grateful

I do have to have an Agriculture feed License to produce them.

The process is quite involved and is currently a one-woman show. First, I gather the leftover spent Barley from the Local brewery once they are finished brewing beer. The barley is often still warm when I get it.

The barley is then transported to my home and separated into large bags that can be frozen for future use.

Jones Bones are made with only four ingredients, no added preservatives and they are all natural. This what the company prides itself on. 

The ingredients are carefully blended together to create a ball of dough that is rolled out and then cut by hand into dog bone shapes. The dog treats are then baked and eventually go through a dehydration process before they are packaged, sealed, and ready to go.   

Q: What is the best way to store my Jones Bones Treats?

We recommend storing in the original packaging or in an air tight container in the refrigerator.  There are no preservatives in Jones Bones which will result in a shorter shelf life than your traditional mass       produced treat. 

What are spent barley grains?

During the beer brewing process the barley grains are mashed (aka soaked) in boiling water for about an hour.  The starches in the grains are then converted to fermentable sugars.  After the hour the starches and grains are separated in the lauter tun.  The spent grains are removed and the sugars go on to make beer.  This grain comes from our local Laurel brewery.  

Q: Are there hops or alcohol in Jones Bones

No! Although the grain is used in the beer brewing process, Jones Bones treats do not come into contact with hops and the hops are disposed of prior to the development of alcohol. 

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